Q&A with Clarissa 2/13/2024

I'm often asked a number of questions about Auditing with Agility, and themes definitely tend to emerge with those questions. Here's one I get frequently:

Question: Are there specific standards for Auditing with Agility?

Answer: In short: no.

The beauty of Auditing with Agility is that it is a way of working that provides you the flexibility necessary to adjust and meet standards, such as the Institute of Internal Auditors' Standards, Auditing with Agility is not a framework with prescriptive steps to follow or standards to comply with. The key to auditing with Agility is to determine your desired outcomes and select techniques that will deliver those outcomes while adhering to the standards you're held to as an audit professional. Instead of adding yet another set of restrictive requirements, Auditing with Agility provides options.

Additional content:

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Five key concepts to help expedite [your] journey to adopting agile practices in audit by Ahmereen Qadir: In this LinkedIn article, Ahmereen Qadir provides readers with five concepts to help them add agility to their internal audit practices. Access the article here. Let me know your thoughts on the article in the comments below.
Upcoming Event: This April, I'll be speaking at the GRC conference hosted by the IIA Sweden. Check out the event and register here. The event consists of presentations and interactive workshops. I am so excited to travel to Sweden and teach organizations how to bring true agility to internal audit. Hope to see you there!

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