Unlocking the Power of Internal Audit: Elevate Your Organization's Performance with Expert Training Services for Auditing with Agility

As an auditor, do you struggle to keep up the pace of change? Or have you struggled to succeed with Agile Auditing? As an audit client, do you struggle with your auditors, seeing them as roadblocks to progress? Clarissa Lucas is here to help.


  • 30 minute overview of Auditing with Agility for Audit Committees
  • 1 hour introduction to Auditing with Agility
  • 2 hour deeper dive into Auditing with Agility
  • 2-3 hour workshop
  • Custom training sessions

Free Articles

The blog and newsletter include a variety of resources for auditors and audit clients alike. These resources are designed to equip you with the tools to innovate, create a better audit experience, and add more value to your organization (and have fun doing so!)

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