Beyond Agile Auditing

In Beyond Agile Auditing, experienced audit and risk management leader Clarissa Lucas shows organizations how to go beyond collaboration and build a partnership between auditors and clients. By leveraging this partnership, organizations can experience more value-added audit work, faster time to results (and resolution), greater engagement and satisfaction from all parties involved, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Beyond Agile Auditing

By Clarissa Lucas

Three Core Components to Revolutionize Your Internal Audit Practices

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Auditing with Agility: Taking a Flexible Approach to Agile Methods Can Deliver More Value for Stakeholders

Article published in the April 2023 issue of the Institute of Internal Auditors' Internal Auditor Magazine

Agile Auditing Using Scrum Techniques

Article published in the February 2022 issue of the Institute of Internal Auditors' (IIA) Internal Auditor Magazine

Don't Just Survive Your Audit, Thrive in It!

Article published in the Spring 2022 issue of the IT Revolution's DevOps Enterprise Journal

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