Podcast Roundup

Behind the scenes over the past few months, I've been busy with adventures in podcasting. I've been fortunate enough to experience podcasting as both a host and a guest.

Guest on the Audit 15 Fun Podcast

Let's start this recap of my recent adventures in podcasting with my latest experience as a guest. I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on the Audit 15 Fun podcast. This episode was the first of a new approach for the show: Hot Seat. In this episode, Jon Taber - who hosts the show - is joined by Robert Berry and Tracie Marquardt as guest co-hosts, and the three hosts pepper me with questions on agility in internal audit. With my previous experiences as a podcast guest, the questions are typically provided in advance. Because of the "hot-seat" nature of this episode, the questions were not shared with me in advance, prompting spur of the moment, top of mind responses. Impromptu appearances like this are not in my comfort zone, so I was a bit nervous, but it ended up being SO MUCH FUN! As I listened to the questions, I had to remind myself to focus and not get distracted by the caliber of talent that was interviewing me. I've learned so much from these three professionals over the past few years, and I was a bit in awe that I got to spend time with them sharing my thoughts and insights. Here's the link to this episode. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Co-Hosting the CTRL Phreaks Podcast

Bill Bensing and I are wrapping up our first season of co-hosting the CTRL Phreaks podcast, where our mission is to bridge the divide between auditors and their clients, with an emphasis on technologists as audit clients.

Here is a clip from our most popular episode thus far, where leaders from John Deere share their journey to greater value through stronger partnerships between auditors and clients:


Here's a short clip of episode 5 of the CTRLPhreaks podcast, where Lynn Bestold, Roberto Leone, and Matthew Ring from John Deere talk expand on what agility means to them, including meeting their clients where they are, pivoting when needed, and prioritizing controls.

You can listen to the full episode here.

My personal favorite episode from Season 1 features two professionals I have worked with in the past, Andy Kolenko and Mike Leuzinger. It was great to have the opportunity to work with them again by collaborating on this episode, where they shared their insights on Policy as Code and the importance of a strong working relationship between auditors and audit clients. Click here to listen to the full episode. Here's a clip from the episode as a teaser:


Mike Leuzinger and Andy Kolenko share their insights on Policy as Code and collaboration between auditors and audit clients on the CTRL Phreaks podcast

Here's the complete line-up from Season 1:

Stay tuned for Season 2!

Guest Host for The Audit Podcast

Finally, I had the opportunity to practice my podcast hosting skills on one of my favorite podcasts, The Audit Podcast. In this exciting episode (Episode 178), I interviewed Trent Russell, who normally hosts The Audit Podcast. He shares his insights on data analytics and AI in auditing, and of course I took advantage of the opportunity to pick his brain on podcasting. Listen to the full episode here.

The Audit Podcast talks Auditing with Agility: In case you missed it, I was a guest on episode 133 of The Audit Podcast last year. In this episode, Trent and I talk about auditing with agility and the difference between auditing with agility and Agile Auditing. We also took a quick detour to dive into the topic of analytics and the mindset shift that internal audit needs to adopt to deliver data-driven insights. You can listen to the full episode here.

As a side note, Trent has been an incredible mentor to me since we first connected virtually in January 2023. Not only did he take a chance on me by bringing me on as a guest to his podcast - my very first podcast appearance - but he has also answered about a million questions from me on various topics, helping me reach others with my message of bringing agility to auditing. He is a wealth of information, incredibly well-connected, and a great friend. If you haven't subscribed to his podcast, I strongly encourage you to do so here. You'll find a wealth of information that's sure to help you learn and grow. And if you're struggling with your data analytics journey, he can help with that too: https://greenskiesanalytics.com/.

THANK YOU to everyone who has hosted me, let me guest-host, and who has starred as a guest on the CTRLPhreaks podcast. Each of these experiences has been amazing, and I hope the listeners (and my clarissalucas.com subscribers) gained a lot from each episode. Please share what you've learned in the comments below.

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