DevOps Enterprise Summit LIVE Recap (Part 2)

The first in-person DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) since 2018 was held last month in Las Vegas. I was fortunate enough to not only attend this grand event, but also to speak at it... on the main stage... in front of over 1,000 technology professionals... as the only practicing auditor. I've done speaking engagements before, but none were quite like this. It had been a goal of mine that I set in the beginning of the year. As I prepared my submission form to speak at the IT Revolution's first event of the year, the DOES Europe Virtual event, I told my co-presenter that this was just the beginning. I told him my goal was to be on the main stage in Vegas for the in-person DOES this year. Sure enough, my goal materialized.

Was I intimidated and nervous? You bet I was! Was I beyond excited to seize an opportunity like this to promote the internal auditing profession and share ways that Management and auditors can work more effectively together to get more value out of an audit? Absolutely!
Although I was shaking as I took the stage, my adrenaline drowned out my nerves, as I asked a few questions of the audience that left me quite vulnerable. Luckily the calculated risk paid off, and the only practicing auditor in the room successfully connected with the great technology minds in the room through practicing empathy. Empathy was one of the themes that emerged throughout the conference, and our presentation - though unique - fit right in.

We shared our journey to a better audit experience through creating a customized audit approach that considered a number of factors, including the client's way of working (they manage their work using a sprint-based delivery model and conduct daily stand-ups) and the areas of greatest importance to the organization. We modified the audit approach to account for these factors and experienced greater engagement (for both the auditors and Management), faster delivery of results, and long-lasting professional relationships.

My co-presenter and I owned the stage and connected with the audience, while playing off of each others' energy flawlessly. What was once a stretch goal that frightened the heck out of me just a few months ago was now an exciting rush of adrenaline. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to take the main stage. When I do, I hope to see you in the audience!