Happy New Year from Clarissa!

Happy New Year from Clarissa!

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2024--a new year filled with even more content on how to improve internal auditing and get more value from audits!

I'm often asked a number of questions about Auditing with Agility, and themes definitely tend to emerge with those questions. Here's one I get frequently:

Question: Is Beyond Agile Auditing just a book for auditors, or do you think it can help developers as well?

Answer: Beyond Agile Auditing has two primary audiences: auditors and audit clients. What I mean by audit clients is anyone who works with auditors or is subject to audits. I know developers and others who are not auditors will benefit from reading this book. You might be wondering what developers and other audit clients can do to change the audit experience. There’s plenty you can do to influence a better audit experience.

For starters, check out this blog post that was recently published on IT Revolution’s blog that explains why the book isn’t just for auditors. Then start reading Beyond Agile Auditing for more ways to influence a better audit experience, regardless of which “side of the table” you represent.

Additional Content:

Content from Other Influencers: Norman Marks-- a well-known thought leader in internal audit, risk management, and governance--posted an article on the importance of communicating when you have results to communicate, rather than holding them until the end of an audit. Check out his article titled "A Radically Different Approach to Audit Reports" here.
CTRL Phreaks Podcast: In the second episode of the CTRL Phreaks podcast, Bill Bensing and I catch up with Robert Kelly to discuss implementing automated governance in highly-regulated organizations. We explore the challenges of working with internal auditors and the importance of bringing auditors to the table early in the process. The conversation highlights the value of auditors in reducing risk and accelerating software delivery. Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform, including here.

Don't forget to get your copy of Beyond Agile Auditing: Three Core Components to Revolutionize Your Internal Audit Practices today. It's available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook versions. Order here.