Adventures in Writing my First Book (Part 2 of 4)

After a great weekend in Detroit, MI in May, my family and I enjoyed a few weeks without travel. My son finished out the school year and the Ohio weather finally started warming up. I had settled into a good routine of writing every day.

In early June, we found ourselves traveling to our next hockey tournament, this time in Nashville, TN. My blue journal made the trip with us again. Just like the time before, I used the down-time when traveling between games and when my husband helped my son get dressed for the game to make progress on my book. I've got to give a shout-out to the arenas in Nashville. Wow they are nice! The heated viewing areas are more my scene - I tend to be cold ALL THE TIME, so I'm the hockey mom huddled in the corner with a heated coat and a giant blanket, still shivering. Needless to say, sitting in the luxurious heated viewing area while I wrote in my blue notebook waiting for my son's team to take the ice was downright amazing.

We all enjoyed another great weekend of teambuilding, hockey, and family time. And I made more progress on my book, bringing me one step closer to changing the profession for the better.